Mermaid Printable Party Supplies + Japan Earthquake Relief

After watching the news coverage of the Japanese earthquake & tsunami aftermath last night, I decided to give all proceeds of my new Mermaid Party Pack this week to help Japan. It was really shocking to watch – the huge waves washing cars and boats away like they were toys…. I cannot comprehend the full scale of that disaster. 25% of all of my shop sales will also go to Samaritan’s Purse for Japanese Earthquake Relief…

Anyway, on that sad note, here is my newest addition to the Etsy Shop. The Mermaid Party Pack, which includes:

mermaid party supplies - printable

• 1 letter sized sheet that contains 2 5″ by 7″ (A7) invitations

• 1 letter sized sheet that contains 2 4.25″ by 5.5″ (A2) thank you notes.

• 5″ square letter panels for making a party banner, in every letter A-Z (also 2 to a letter sized sheet)

• 1 letter sized sheet of 2″ round cupcake toppers that feature a starfish, a purple clamshell, and the number of the birthday child’s age, or the first initial of their name, if you wish. (12 toppers per letter sheet)

• 1 letter sized sheet of 3″ round treat bag seals (on the large size, but they are so cute!) that feature the mermaid with a talk bubble that says “Thank You!”

• 1 letter sized sheet that contains a foldable mini-popcorn box template to match the theme. Not pictured above.

• 1 letter sized sheet that contains 4 water bottle labels for your party, featuring the same icons as the cupcake toppers. (Standard 8.5″ by 2″ size)

If you want any other items, such as party hats, juice box labels, etc. you can add them on as a separate custom order for $3 per item.

Here is a closer look at the invitation…

printable mermaid party invitation


Also, as stated in my listing on Etsy, the mermaid can be customized, here are a few examples:


Mermaid Custom Examples


All proceeds of this party pack go to Samaritan’s Purse this week, and I will designate the funds specifically for Japan earthquake relief. Also, 25% of all of my shop sales this week will go to the same fund.

Let’s all be thankful for our safety and the fact that we can just drive to the grocery to get food, instead of searching for it…


New Release Thursday | Ice Cream Social Party Pack

It’s Thursday already, and that means that I am ready to show you the newest item in the Etsy shop…

The Ice Cream Social Party Pack + Rainbow Sherbet Party Pack

Here’s a look at the Ice Cream Social variation:

This party pack includes:

– Invitation measuring 5×7″

– Thank You notes in A2 size (5.5″ by 4.25″)

– Round 2″ cupcake toppers/tags with ice cream cone illustration

– 3″ square food labels which are formatted as an editable pdf (which is a super-convenient feature, you can open it in Adobe Acrobat and just type in your labels!)

– 5″ square banner panels in every letter of the alphabet

– Straw flags for ice cream sodas that also come to you as an editable pdf!

Here is a preview of the invitation:

And here is the Rainbow Sherbet variation:

Here is a look at the Rainbow Sherbet Party Invitation:

Printable Rainbow Sherbet Invitation



The same labels and straw flags that are editable in the Ice Cream Social Party Pack are also editable in the Rainbow Sherbet variation of course. Only text is editable, not colors.

And, as promised, here are the freebies – the matching address labels for each set, in editable pdfs! If you want the font to match when you print your labels, before you edit these pdfs, first go here to download the free font “DeLouisville Small Caps”. The free versions for both Macintosh and Windows are listed on the bottom of the list. You will have to create a free MyFonts account to do so, but you won’t be sorry!

After you download your font, just install by opening the font file, and clicking “install font” on a Mac, and right clicking on the font file in Windows, and selecting “install font”. Then you’re ready to print. Of course, if you don’t care if the font matches the invitation, then your computer will automatically substitute a system font.

As always, our files are best printed on high quality paper and cardstock, in borderless Letter sized printer settings.

Ice Cream Social Editable PDF Labels

Rainbow Sherbet Editable PDF Labels

I hope you like these as much as I do, and plan a fun and delicious Ice Cream Social themed party to enjoy!

Inspiration Boards 3 + 4 | Ice Cream and Sherbet

I am working on another project for the shop. And I’m really drooling over it! You’ll see why in a second…

My inspiration for this project comes from two things I really love to eat:

Ice Cream + Rainbow Sherbet! I hope to be posting the introduction to this new project on Thursday. And I will have a freebie to go along with it this time!

Take a look at my inspiration…



1) Sweet Paul via Debbie Messmer 2) Katrina Tobeck

3) Junkytownvintage via Satsuki Shibuya 4) Say Yes to Hoboken via Ceylan

5) Creaturecomfortsblog via Genevieve Beaulieu




1) Meghan Eplett 2) Pickles via Susan B. Anderson 3) Mycraftycorner on Etsy

4) Google UK via Susan B. Anderson 5) Sage & Style via Kathy Hackman Hutchison

6) Veggie Belly via Lidia Sofia Lay


Now doesn’t that look yummy?! Well, not the non-edible items, but the colors are still delicious, right? I am actually surprised at how much I adore that electric lime door….

Check back on Thursday for the freebie, and our new product release!



New Release Thursday | Modern Nautical Party Pack

We have exciting news! Well, it’s exciting to us, but hopefully to someone else out there looking for cool nautical party supplies too!

In keeping with the switch of our shop from mere printable paper products to focusing on printable Party Packs as we like to call them, here is our first one: The Modern Nautical Party Pack

The Modern Nautical Party Pack


The Modern Nautical Invitation

Not all the items included in the party pack are pictured above, they wouldn’t all fit!

Here is what is included in the 14 page pdf:
– 2 to a sheet 5×7 inch (A7) modern nautical invites, personalized with your party info.

– 4 to a sheet 4×4 inch food label tent cards for your buffet/dessert table.

– 12 to a sheet 2 inch round cupcake toppers/treat bag seals (depending on which type of paper you print them on).

– 2 to a sheet Thank You notes.

– 1 to a sheet foldable snack boxes.

– A printable bunting banner that spells out “Happy Birthday” with 2 each of pennants that have an anchor and a ships wheel as “bookends” to the Happy Birthday sign, if you want to use them.

– A page that includes directions, and suggestions on materials and printing methods.

Look for this new Party Pack and others coming soon in our Etsy shop!


Inspiration Board #2 – Nautical

I have been working on a new project for the Etsy shop, and I am so excited about it! I have been longing for warmer weather lately, as I live in Ohio, and it is February. Enough said. Thinking of a possible vacation to New England this summer, I was inspired by all things nautical, and searched for some inspiration on the internet. Here’s what I found:

Nautical Themed Inspiration Board

Featured here:

1) JessJamesJake on Etsy 2) Dockside Press via Flickr

3) Rubyanndesigns on Etsy 4) Fallinginswirls on Etsy

5) Via Anna Lisemeyer on Pinterest 6) Via Abby Swartz on Pinterest

7) Iggyfrankiecab on Etsy


I will be posting here soon about our newest Etsy shop addition….