“Pinspiration” – DIY I Spy Book via Pinterest

Do all of you love Pinterest as much as I do??? I mean, I definitely visit that website more than any other, especially on my iPhone while waiting at the doctor’s office, or in a school pick up line, etc! So many great ideas shared in one place… I bookmark lots of great ideas on Pinterest every day, and my number of Pinboards keeps growing.

The other day I found this Pin, about making your own I Spy Book for your kids, using their own toys! The woman who made this one did a fantastic job, and I exclaimed as I read her post, “I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!” I knew my kids would love such a personal book to look through, containing their own toys, and it might even keep them busy on long car rides, at restaurants, etc. Very promising!

So, I got my huge roll of school variety white paper (from my mother the school teacher) and all of the baskets of toys, and got to work. The photos I made for my books are pretty easy, not too difficult for kids ages 3 to 5. But older kids would probably get bored with them. That’s my challenge with the last book I have to make for a little cousin. He’s 6, so I am going to add more photos, after I think it through a little more.

Here are some examples from my books:

DIY I Spy Book page

DIY I Spy Book Scrabble Tiles

DIY I Spy Book Cars Page 1

DIY I Spy Book Cars Page 2


I hope you enjoyed seeing how much fun these pages were to make, and I really hope that you go have fun making a DIY I Spy Book of your own! I can’t wait to give these to my kids… If you make one, leave a note in the comments with a link so I can see how creative you got! And be sure to click through to Delia Creates to see just how she made her books.



Fabulous Find – DIY Upcycled Baby Food Jars

I have been looking around for some cool DIY projects on the internet, and I have just found a great one! It has many applications, but being a party fanatic, I instantly thought it would be cool to use these upcycled baby food jars for little treat jars! Maybe even for a tiny party – where everything is small. I would still love to throw one of those parties some time… On the blog post, she shows them used as spice containers, and a button jar/pincushion! I especially like the idea of painting the lids with chalkboard paint…. Take a look at this creative, inspiring blog post that features this DIY on Babee Crafts!

Upcycled Jars Pincushion


Favorite Party Vendors – Local to Dayton/Cincinnati

Yesterday I listed my favorite online party vendors, and today I am listing my favorite vendors local to my area, Dayton, Ohio, and Cincinnati too, although mostly Dayton. But a few of these vendors you can find across the country, so here goes!

The Flower Factory – They basically sell any kind of craft or party supply you can think of. Huge warehouse feel, used to be open only to business owners, but now they are open to the public.

Things I like to buy here are:

– Baskets of any size, color, variety

– Glassware galore! I recently bought an apothecary jar here that is adorable for only $5! You will see it when I post about my daughter’s birthday party.

– Party goods – paper and plastic tablewares, punch bowls, catering supplies, balloons, pinatas, baking supplies, everything!

– Candy for candy buffets, such as single color bags of Sixlets chocolate candies, hard candy, etc.

– Ribbon & Tulle in many many shades

– Raffle Tickets also in many colors.

Esther Price Candy – This place started in Dayton, on Wayne avenue, and they now have more stores, the newest one I can think of is in Centerville.

Things I like to buy here:

– Chocolate!!!

– Bulk Jelly Belly jelly beans

– Bulk candy in many other varieties!

– Pre-bagged retro type candies, and specialty candies

– Bulk gold chocolate coins!

Party City – This place is a huge party supply store. I mean huge. They have pretty much everything, but they are a little expensive. Just keep a look out for their sale racks and clearance bins. T

Things I like to buy here:

– Bulk candy

– Bags of single colored Sixlets and gumballs (the large ones), although they are pricey. They actually have pearlized white Sixlets and gumballs! So pretty.

– Balloons in any color

– Specialty party items for different themes

Odd (Big) Lots – I still call it Odd Lots, although most of you probably know it as Big Lots. They changed it years ago… You really just have to keep an eye out for things at a good price, since they literally sell odd lots from other stores closeouts.

Things I have found at Big Lots:

– Large Whirley Pops for $1 each!

– Colored napkins/paper plates

– kids’ party favors

– Random candy (you never know)

– Cheap soda (even found New York Seltzer there once, but found out it isn’t the real thing, which hasn’t been made for years – ::sniff::sniff:: but a new company bought the rights to it and started making it with artificial sweeteners! UGH!!!)

– Cheap designer wrapping paper!

– Anything else you can imagine!

Trophy Nut & Candy – This store has assorted varieties of nuts and candy in bulk.

Things I like to buy here are:

– Their huge malted milk balls, in many colors, made in their store!

– Bulk M&Ms in all shades

– Bulk Jelly Belly jelly beans in all varieties

– Of course bulk nuts too! especially around Christmastime.

IKEA – Most people know a lot about IKEA by now, but you might not think of them when it comes to party planning.

Things I like to buy here:

– Plastic air tight containers in all sizes, perfect for displaying candy.

– Old fashioned style candy jars with lids, I believe you can get the scoops there too.

– great cheap picture frames for signs on a buffet table at a party

– nice selection of baskets in different sizes and colors

– candles

– dishes

– table linens

– mini kid sized tea set for a little tea party

Meijer – Meijer carries about everything. Mostly a grocery store, but they have great homegoods too.

Things I like to buy here for a party:

– Bulk candy and gum

– Snacks & Soda duh!

– Clearance dishes

– Canning jars in all sizes (for drinks, or candy display)

Target – Every mom probably knows about the infamous Dollar Spot, where you can get almost anything a child’s heart desires for $1. Target carries so many wonderful things for parties, at a slightly higher price.

Things I look for at Target:

– Those cute little buckets on the dollar shelf – great for favors!

– all kinds of $1 toys, stickers, etc. for favors and decorating party tables

– They have fabulous wrapping paper, bags and tissue paper at great prices.

– They have unique candy/snacks only made for Target (like the gummy letters I saw there awhile ago!)

– Love to browse the end caps for clearance goodies for treat bags!

– They also have great tablewares there that I also like to look for on clearance like tablecloths, great themed melamine dishes, beverage ice buckets in a variety of colors, etc.

Joann Fabrics, Michael’s Crafts, Hobby Lobby & Christmas Tree Shops – I am grouping these together because they are pretty much the same. Crafting items, little party favor items, etc.

Things I look for:

– Scrapbooking items for making tags, etc. (love the round and scalloped punches in the 2″ and 3″ sizes)

– Dollar rack items at Michael’s and Joann

– Ribbon galore!

– Fabric

– Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have great glassware, for displaying candy, etc.

– Paint markers for personalizing party favors.

– Discount dishes, giftwrap and candy at Christmas Tree Shops

– Don’t forget to bring your coupon from the Sunday paper for big discounts at Joann, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby!

That concludes my list of favorite places to buy party items in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. I know there are lots more! I just haven’t found them all yet… Wanna share one I forgot in the comments?


Favorite Vendors – Online

Today I thought it would be useful for a lot of people who are planning parties out there to have a great list of vendors for party supplies at a reasonable price. These are the places I look when I need something for a party, and I hope you check them out!

Online Vendors:

Bake It Pretty – fabulous baking and decorating resources, such as: cupcake liners in every pattern and color, cupcake toppers (some are pretty funny, actually), sprinkles, pastry bags and tips, candles, bakers twine, and the list goes on and on!

My favorite 3 items from Bake It Pretty:

cupcake boxes

Small Favor - Cupcake Boxes

Disco Dust - Edible Glitter

Soda Bottle Cupcake Toppers

Shop Sweet Lulu – Great shop that sells cupcake liners galore, candy cups, vintage-y goody bags, beautiful Japanese washi tape, real fabric bunting, and much, much more!

My 3 favorite items from Shop Sweet Lulu:

Fabric Bunting

Pink Striped Goody Bags

Paper Straws

Stripey Paper Straws

The Sweet Life – A candy supplier in NYC that ships bulk candy right to your door!

My 3 favorite items from The Sweet Life:

Gummy Strawberry Puffs

Gummy Strawberry Puffs

Grape Rock Candy

Grape Rock Candy Crystals

Smooth N Melty Mints

Smooth N Melty Mints

Specialty Bottle – They have all sorts of containers on this website, mostly for candy displays and favors. Glass, plastic, aluminum and tin. In all shapes and sizes, all for a pretty decent price.

My 3 favorite items from Specialty Bottle:

Tall Clear Glass Jar with Lid

Tin Container

8oz Tin Container with Lid

Glass Gallon Jar

Glass Gallon Jar - Great for drinks or candy!

Save On CraftsThey have anything you could need for DIY crafts and decorations for a party. From party lights to apothecary jars!

My 3 favorite items from Save on Crafts:

Apothecary Jar for Party

11" Glass Apothecary Jar

6 chalkboards

Set of 6 4x6" Chalkboards - Great for buffet signs!

White Paper Parasols

White Paper Parasols - Little girl's Japanese Tea Party???

Oriental Trading Company – Of course, most party planners, teachers, and mothers everywhere know about this place! They carry super-affordable (cheap?) party supplies, crafting items, favors, etc. Great for saving money!

My 3 favorite items from Oriental Trading:


Valentine Pops

Valentine Twisty Pops

Children's Paint Palettes

Children's Paint Palettes


Pirate Treasure Treat Box

Pirate Treasure Chest Treat Box










Etsy – Probably my favorite online retailer EVER! Etsy is a collection of handmade and vintage sellers, each with their own individual shop, all in one place. You can find ANYTHING cool on Etsy. Including our shop! 😉

My 3 favorite items on Etsy (very hard to choose just 3! – And I will not put my own shop in this little list).



Children's Number t shirt

Children's Birthday Number Shirt




Lego Man Crayons

Lego Men Crayons - Party Favors




Vintage Cowboy/Girl cupcake toppers

Vintage Cowboy + Cowgirl Cupcake Toppers (Printable)



Last on my list for today’s online vendors list….


The Party Studio – Loads of cute tableware for parties. Simple and sweet.

My 3 fave items from this online shop are:



Wooden Forks for party

Wooden Forks




Cloth Bags

Cloth Bags for Party Favors

Red Striped Party Plates

Ruby Red Party Plates




And that concludes my current favorite online vendors list! I know there are a lot of others out there, too many to count! What are your favorite online vendors for party wares? Wanna share? Leave a comment below!

Tomorrow I will have a list of my favorite local vendors for those of you who live in the Dayton/Cincinnati area.

See you then!


Pinterest Pretties – Party

I have started a new weekly feature, where I share with everyone my favorite pins on Pinterest for the week. For those of you who have never heard of Pinterest, this is how the website describes itself:

“Pinterest is a social catalog service. Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.”

It is great fun to browse and “pin” on Pinterest! Very much a time-suck actually, but if you are looking for inspiration for a design, or a party, then that is the place to go!

This week I have found eight great finds that all have to do with parties, of course. Mostly decorating ideas, party supplies and dessert buffets that I like this time. Take a look…

Pins from Pinterest about parties



1) Adorable birthday crowns for the birthday princess from The Quilted Fish via Becca Sutton

2) Beautiful, and woodsy dessert table from Jenny Cookies via Amy Atlas’s Blog via Becca Sutton as well!

3) Salmon colored stripey paper straws (which I love for their old-fashioned soda shoppe appeal!) from Anthropologie via Leah Dent

4) Fabulously pink decorations and table set up from Martha Stewart Weddings also via Leah Dent

5) Tiffany Blue Polka-Dotted paper cups from Sambellina via Leah Dent

6) Soft and subtle birdy themed dessert table for a baby shower from Tip Junkie via Becca Sutton again! (Clearly, she and I have similar taste…)

7) Ribbon wands perfect for a princess party from Style Me Pretty via Kelly Beall

8.  And I really love these Mason jar drink dispensers from Pottery Barn – but I’m convinced I could find a DIY to get them at a lower price. Via Duet Letterpress.


Well, I hope you go and check out Pinterest, and make your own Pin Boards to bookmark anything your heart desires from around the net. Maybe you’ll even follow some of the Pinners I have referenced above…

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new Party Pack release and Free Party Printable.


Round Up | Dessert Buffet Ideas

Today I wanted to find some of the cutest dessert buffet compatible desserts from around the internet, but also find some that actually wouldn’t be that hard to pull off yourself for a party. I found some beautiful ideas! Check them out below…

The Macaron Tower

Now, macarons are a little intimidating to make, but if you are a baker at all, then following the recipes found around the internet aren’t actually that hard – you just need to follow them exactly and practice your technique. Once you feel comfortable making them, or if you are fortunate enough to live near a bakery that sells them, assembling the macaron tower isn’t too bad! You can see the DIY here, on the Merci New York blog. For a macaron recipe I have made myself, which turned out great, go here.

Marshmallow Pops + Striking Colors

Check out this fabulous dessert table featured on Inspired Bride! For this post I wanted to focus on the marshmallow pops, due to the fact that they are easy to make, and people really swoon over them! You can make pops that only have one marshmallow on the stick, or stack them two high on the stick for a more substantial look. I also love how these have sprinkles on them. Great texture and visual appeal.

The other thing I like about this dessert table is the way they used different variations of the same color. Very striking and easy to adapt to any party theme.

For the tutorial on these marshmallow pops, go here.  Found via Eat Drink Chic.

Homemade Marshmallows, Tinted

Not to go overboard with the whole marshmallow theme, but I looooove to make my own marshmallows! They are so much more tasty, and you can tint them in any variety of colors, and cut them into any shape you like! The ones pictured above, from Martha Stewart, are very cute stacked three high, with picks holding them together. I love the pastel color palette…. I have made marshmallows many times, and even added peppermint oil to them to make a special wintery treat – my kids really loved those! I am sure you could find many other flavors here that you might like to use yourself. For my stand by marshmallow recipe, click here.

Miniature Cakes

Ok, as a woman, and I think women are more susceptible to this, I can tell you that anything in miniature is automatically cute. I really loved these little cakes when I saw them on Martha Stewarts website. They look elegant in all white, but you could obviously do them in any color, with the help of some food coloring, sprinkles, etc.

These were cut from a larger sheet cake, then frosted using small piping tips. Genius!

Cake Pops + Cake Balls

These are both inventions of the fabulous, and super-talented Bakerella! She does amazing things with sugar… I think these red velvet cake balls look delicious, and who wouldn’t love to bite into one of these adorable chicks??? She makes cake pops in every shape and flavor you can imagine. You should head on over to her blog now!

I hope that this small list has your brain working on ideas for your next party. Check back for more tips and round-ups!

I heart Typography…

I love Typography. It is beautiful, and I constantly look for new fonts for my ever-expanding collection. Which is now somewhere close to 500, because I downsized. I know I am nuts….

Anyhoo…. Here are some fabulous Typography finds from Pinterest.com that I stumbled upon today for your consideration and inspiration.


And last, unexpectedly……


Love all of these, and I hope you do too….