Welcome… Read This First!

Hello everyone! I’m Sorry to say that I have not maintained this blog since 2012, however, feel free to keep downloading and using the free printables on this site. Unfortunately, if you need support on how to edit/use the files, I am not available as my photography business has become my new focus. No pun intended! Enjoy! 😊


Free Printable Gift Tags | Inspired by Design Seeds

Hello! Happy Wednesday! As promised earlier, here are the free, printable gift tags. They are inspired by the wonderfully beautiful palettes from Design Seeds, namely:

Sweet Tones

Sweet Tones by Design Seeds

Free Printable Gift Tags

Urchin Tones:

Urchin Tones by Design Seeds

Free Printable Gift Tags

Stained Tones:

Stained Tones by Design Seeds

Free Printable Gift Tags

As usual, these gift tags have been formatted to fit onto Letter Sized paper or card stock. I suggest card stock, and they are 2.75″ in diameter, so a 3″ punch would fit them perfectly! You could attach them to a gift with tape, or punch a small hole either in the side, or top and thread a ribbon through.

Hope you enjoy them! Click the link below to download the pdf!

Free Printable Gift Tags Inspired by Design Seeds

Pinterest Pretties #5 – Easter Ideas

Well, it’s been about a year since I did my last Pinterest Pretties post! How pathetic! Pinterest has gotten very difficult to deal with lately, with a lot of people pinning incorrectly, then other people re-pin, not realizing that it has been pinned incorrectly; and by incorrectly, I mean by linking to a Google images search or just the homepage of a blog, instead of clicking on the actually post, so you have to search for what you’re following the pin for… Anyway, this took me longer than I thought it would because of that, so take my advice and pin properly! hahaha! Enough of my ranting, on to the pretty Pinterest inspiration for Easter

Pinterest inspiration for Easter


1: Easter Bowtie DIY | Pinner  2: Easter Bunny Napkins | Pinner

3: Cute Easter Dress | Pinner  4: Easter Jar Decorations | Pinner

5: Grow Your Own Easter Grass | Pinner 

6: Easter Egg Paintchip Garland | Pinner

7: Easter Peep Garland | Pinner

My Uncontrollable To-Do List + Free Printable List Form

Hello again! I know that I promised that the next free printable would be gift tags, but I have a problem… A growing to-do list that I can’t keep straight. Therefore, I have postponed the gift tags to give you a free printable list form, in my style, which is pretty minimalist, and black and white.

Let me give you the background on the inspiration for this list form…

On In Between Laundry, a cute blog, I found this free printable list with a story about Charles M. Schwab, the American steel magnate of yesteryear, and Ivy Lee, who helped his company, Bethlehem Steel, increase productivity. Mr. Lee basically had the idea to put 6 things that were most important to get done on your to do list for the day, with the most bothersome thing at the top, and whatever items you don’t finish on the first day of the week, you put on the next day’s list, etc… ( That is a very simplistic paraphrase by me!) Well, I tried this, and it works! And I really thought it might be nice to make lists in my own style(s) for you to print out… I have made 4 different styles to choose from, print as many as you like! If you would like a very cute, modern, and COLORFUL list form, head on over to In Between Laundry to download Erin’s version…

Click the photo of the version you’d like to download in pdf format below.

Free Printable List Form 1

Free Printable List Form 2

Free Printable List Form 3

Free Printable List Form 4



Emmy + Gabbie Poll Results = More Free Printables

Well, I took a long hiatus from blogging, so my poll was left up for long enough to close it and talk about the results.

I asked my readers: “Which Free Printable Would You Like to See Next?”

Here are the results!

Free Printables Poll Results

Thank you notes and Gift tags were tied for 1st place! So, now for the resulting free printables… First up, Thank You notes! I have had such a thing for both chevron and houndstooth lately…. I made two color schemes, aqua and tan, and gray and kelly green. They are formatted to print 2 to a letter sized sheet, and print perfectly on Avery brand “Matte White Notecards”. However, you could also print them on card stock and cut them yourself. I just love the convenience and quality of the Avery notecards, plus, they come in a box with envelopes!

*Be sure to print these “Borderless”, scaled at 100% so they are nice and even!

Just click the pic to download! Next time, look for the gift tags…. in the second installment. 😉

Free houndstooth thank you notes in aqua

free houndstooth thank you notes in dove gray

“Pinspiration” – DIY I Spy Book via Pinterest

Do all of you love Pinterest as much as I do??? I mean, I definitely visit that website more than any other, especially on my iPhone while waiting at the doctor’s office, or in a school pick up line, etc! So many great ideas shared in one place… I bookmark lots of great ideas on Pinterest every day, and my number of Pinboards keeps growing.

The other day I found this Pin, about making your own I Spy Book for your kids, using their own toys! The woman who made this one did a fantastic job, and I exclaimed as I read her post, “I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!” I knew my kids would love such a personal book to look through, containing their own toys, and it might even keep them busy on long car rides, at restaurants, etc. Very promising!

So, I got my huge roll of school variety white paper (from my mother the school teacher) and all of the baskets of toys, and got to work. The photos I made for my books are pretty easy, not too difficult for kids ages 3 to 5. But older kids would probably get bored with them. That’s my challenge with the last book I have to make for a little cousin. He’s 6, so I am going to add more photos, after I think it through a little more.

Here are some examples from my books:

DIY I Spy Book page

DIY I Spy Book Scrabble Tiles

DIY I Spy Book Cars Page 1

DIY I Spy Book Cars Page 2


I hope you enjoyed seeing how much fun these pages were to make, and I really hope that you go have fun making a DIY I Spy Book of your own! I can’t wait to give these to my kids… If you make one, leave a note in the comments with a link so I can see how creative you got! And be sure to click through to Delia Creates to see just how she made her books.