Colourlover Friday #2 | Nantucket

Today’s Colourlover Friday was inspired by this photo of a gorgeous tablescape featured on Once Wed. So pretty! I used the Photocopa palette builder tool on Colourlovers to make this palette. You just upload a photo, or enter in the url of an image from the internet that inspires you, and you can pick out the colors directly from the photo. Handy dandy! Here is my palette based on that photo:


Colourlovers Palette - Nantucket


And some patterns I made out of the palette:


Colourlovers Pattern - Vintage Sofa


Colourlovers Pattern - Squarish


Colourlovers Pattern - Bright + Cool


Have a fun weekend everyone!





Colourlover Friday #1

I love Colourlovers! It’s a website all about color, and you can make your own color palettes there, for importing into your computer as a wallpaper, to use on projects, etc. I get a lot of my color inspiration there.

Thousands of people share their colors, palettes, and patterns that are all made on the website. It’s a lot of fun to look at what color combinations people have thought of, and the color names can be quite comical, almost like OPI colors, for those of you who are familiar with their nail polish.

This week, I visited Colourlovers because I wanted to make a palette for a party pack I have been inspired to make, in honor of my niece, who will be turning 16 this year.


Here are my five colors:

– Black

– White

– Light Metallic Gold (which is impossible to truly make in a color palette, but I tried!)

– Soft Pink

– Hot Pink

Here is my palette:

And some fun patterns I made with the colors while I was there…

I am really loving this palette. And I am excited to see what I can dream up for a Sweet 16 Party!

Have a blessed weekend!