Inspiration Board #5 – Rainbow Themed Party

So I always plan my kids’ birthday parties months in advance. Everyone thinks I’m nuts, but if I don’t plan ahead, I can’t get it all finished in time. Life with three kids is hectic! So I kept seeing rainbow themed parties around the internet, and I was so inspired that I talked my daughter, who was about to turn 8 into a rainbow party. But not just rainbow. It had to be more – to get her interested – so I showed her this party over at One Charming Party, and the whole arts & crafts + rainbow = awesome party started to settle into her brain! We didn’t do the same art projects that they feature in their party, but we did use a few of their ideas. Like the 8 layer rainbow cake (8 layers for 8 years!) and the “about the artist” coloring sheets for the girls to do about themselves. We also had painting, but we had the girls paint on 8×10 inch canvases with acrylic paints, instead of watercolor. The only other craft I was brave enough to tackle was bracelet making. With rainbow colored beads of course!

I will post the photos of Emma’s actual party after we host it, on Monday. But I wanted to share some of the parties that inspired me to choose this theme.

Here is my inspiration board:

rainbow party inspiration board


1) Scene from the One Charming Party Art Gallery Party

2) These 4 photos were featured on Amy Atlas’s blog! The party details can be seen here on the Cake Ink blog.

3) Dessert table from the Rainbows & Unicorns Party over on Juicy Bits.

4) These 2 photos are from the Rainbow Party on Buggie and Jellybean.

5) Candy from the Rainbows & Racecars party featured on Kara’s Party Ideas from Glorious Treats.

6) Love the decorations at this Rainbows & Ruffles party from Hip Hooray.


Check back Monday to see photos from my daughter’s party. I really hope it goes off without a hitch! Maybe I’ll have some disaster photos to share! 😉




Inspiration Boards 3 + 4 | Ice Cream and Sherbet

I am working on another project for the shop. And I’m really drooling over it! You’ll see why in a second…

My inspiration for this project comes from two things I really love to eat:

Ice Cream + Rainbow Sherbet! I hope to be posting the introduction to this new project on Thursday. And I will have a freebie to go along with it this time!

Take a look at my inspiration…



1) Sweet Paul via Debbie Messmer 2) Katrina Tobeck

3) Junkytownvintage via Satsuki Shibuya 4) Say Yes to Hoboken via Ceylan

5) Creaturecomfortsblog via Genevieve Beaulieu




1) Meghan Eplett 2) Pickles via Susan B. Anderson 3) Mycraftycorner on Etsy

4) Google UK via Susan B. Anderson 5) Sage & Style via Kathy Hackman Hutchison

6) Veggie Belly via Lidia Sofia Lay


Now doesn’t that look yummy?! Well, not the non-edible items, but the colors are still delicious, right? I am actually surprised at how much I adore that electric lime door….

Check back on Thursday for the freebie, and our new product release!



Inspiration Board #2 – Nautical

I have been working on a new project for the Etsy shop, and I am so excited about it! I have been longing for warmer weather lately, as I live in Ohio, and it is February. Enough said. Thinking of a possible vacation to New England this summer, I was inspired by all things nautical, and searched for some inspiration on the internet. Here’s what I found:

Nautical Themed Inspiration Board

Featured here:

1) JessJamesJake on Etsy 2) Dockside Press via Flickr

3) Rubyanndesigns on Etsy 4) Fallinginswirls on Etsy

5) Via Anna Lisemeyer on Pinterest 6) Via Abby Swartz on Pinterest

7) Iggyfrankiecab on Etsy


I will be posting here soon about our newest Etsy shop addition….



2011, a year to get organized?

I am in desparate need of organization. As a stay-at-home-mom of 3 I have to juggle a lot of appointments, extra-curriculars, playdates (sometimes) and also my husband’s work schedule, part-time teaching schedule, and NFL and college basketball sporting event schedule! Whew!

Anyway, I needed to be inspired and see some fresh new ways to organize, and I thought I’d post an Inspiration Board of what I had found:

Oranization 2011 Inspiration Board

#1) Wouldn’t these pretty vintage Ball jars be great for storing crafting supplies, etc?

#2) I need somewhere to organize the different types of paper I print on. Found this at IKEA.

#3) Love the “Shabby Chic” feel of this repurposed drawer mail organizer found on Etsy.

#4) I am a total freak about magnet boards and cork boards! This one is quite modern and happy looking, I think.

#5) Yet another way to organize paper. This one has such a great clean look with that snappy pattern!

#6) I have been wanting to buy a shelf just like this one for my littlest boy’s room. For his book collection, which is in need of cute organization!

#7) And last but certainly not least in our household anyway, is this very useful cord keeper. Who in this age of electronic entertainment devices doesn’t need these?!

Hope you have been inspired to purge the clutter in your house (or at least neatly tuck it away) to start the year fresh!