Mini Donuts + Free Printable Donut Party Invitations

Hello again! Last week was another busy week, and I am starting this week out with something pretty sweet… Mini Donuts! I was at Meijer on Saturday, and saw this Mini Doughnut Pan again (I restrained myself from buying it the first time I saw it!) and caved in and bought it! I love donuts (doughnuts?) and so do my 3 kids, and my husband too… And I love anything tiny. Can’t resist. So I made donuts on Sunday for my kids, and they turned out so well! Here I am going to share my photos, the recipe I used, and at the end of this post – a free donut party invitation!

First, I want to let you know, if you don’t normally bake you will need some patience for this process. The mini donut wells are very tiny, and you have to slowly and deliberately pour the batter off the end of a spoon into the wells, so you don’t get the batter all over the little “hole maker” in the center of each well. Does that make sense??? But over all, except the pouring of the batter, this is very very easy.

Since I was the only one awake at 6 am on a Sunday, I couldn’t capture a photo of me putting the batter into the pan, so here is my first photo, of the donuts baking.

mini donuts baking

My first batch, in which I filled the wells a little too much, looked slightly more like mini bundt cakes…

mini donuts in pan

mini donut


I dipped the mini donuts in a vanilla glaze, just turned them upside down and dunked them half way. Super easy. Then, I showered them with rainbow non-pareils! These rainbow non-pareils were purchased at The Flower Factory.


rainbow non pareils


glazed mini donut


rainbow sprinkled mini donut


Don’t they look cute?!?!


mini donuts finished


My second batch looked a lot more like donuts, not mini bundt cakes. The directions say to fill them half way, and this time I did a better job of that…


mini donuts 2nd batch


The only other advice I have for you if you bake up a batch (or 3) of these mini donuts, is when you spray the Pam into the donut wells, spray only a little, and if you spray too much, wipe out the excess with a paper towel, or this will happen:


mini donut fail



Here is the recipe I used, that was on the back of the donut pan packaging:


Baked Mini Cake Doughnuts by Wilton

1 1/4 c. cake flour, sifted

1/2 c. granulated sugar

1 1/4 tsp. baking powder

1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg

3/4 tsp. salt

1/2 c. buttermilk (I used regular milk, and added 1/2 tsp. white vinegar)

1 egg, beaten

1 1/2 tbsp. melted butter


Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Spray Mini Doughnut Pan with nonstick spray.

In a large bowl, sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg and salt. Add buttermilk, egg, and butter and stir until just combined.

Fill each doughnut well approximately 1/2 full.

Bake 4-6 minutes or until the top of the doughnuts spring back when touched.

Let cool for about 4-5 minutes before removing from pan.

Finish the donuts with glaze and sprinkles.

The recipe states that this will yield 24 mini donuts, but I got 40 out of it!!!


Vanilla Glaze

1 c. confectioners’ sugar

1 tbsp. milk

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

In small bowl, stir together sugar, milk, and vanilla until sugar is completely dissolved. Use immediately to glaze donuts.


Alas, since I gave up all sugar for Lent, these are the only mini donuts I could indulge in:


Unsweetened Cheerios



Also, here is a list of cute donut party finds on the internet:

P is for Party: Delectable Doughnut Party

Have Faith. Every Day. : Donut Party

One Charming Party : Strawberry Party – Donut Cake

Kara’s Party Ideas : Donuts & Doilies Party


Well, as promised, here are the free donut party invitations, in downloadable pdf format. You just open the pdfs in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and print onto Letter sized paper (preferably cardstock) and cut out! There are two color schemes in the file (see below). Click here to download the free PDF.


Free Printable Pink Donut Party Invitation Free Printable Donut Party Invitation





Round Up | Dessert Buffet Ideas

Today I wanted to find some of the cutest dessert buffet compatible desserts from around the internet, but also find some that actually wouldn’t be that hard to pull off yourself for a party. I found some beautiful ideas! Check them out below…

The Macaron Tower

Now, macarons are a little intimidating to make, but if you are a baker at all, then following the recipes found around the internet aren’t actually that hard – you just need to follow them exactly and practice your technique. Once you feel comfortable making them, or if you are fortunate enough to live near a bakery that sells them, assembling the macaron tower isn’t too bad! You can see the DIY here, on the Merci New York blog. For a macaron recipe I have made myself, which turned out great, go here.

Marshmallow Pops + Striking Colors

Check out this fabulous dessert table featured on Inspired Bride! For this post I wanted to focus on the marshmallow pops, due to the fact that they are easy to make, and people really swoon over them! You can make pops that only have one marshmallow on the stick, or stack them two high on the stick for a more substantial look. I also love how these have sprinkles on them. Great texture and visual appeal.

The other thing I like about this dessert table is the way they used different variations of the same color. Very striking and easy to adapt to any party theme.

For the tutorial on these marshmallow pops, go here.  Found via Eat Drink Chic.

Homemade Marshmallows, Tinted

Not to go overboard with the whole marshmallow theme, but I looooove to make my own marshmallows! They are so much more tasty, and you can tint them in any variety of colors, and cut them into any shape you like! The ones pictured above, from Martha Stewart, are very cute stacked three high, with picks holding them together. I love the pastel color palette…. I have made marshmallows many times, and even added peppermint oil to them to make a special wintery treat – my kids really loved those! I am sure you could find many other flavors here that you might like to use yourself. For my stand by marshmallow recipe, click here.

Miniature Cakes

Ok, as a woman, and I think women are more susceptible to this, I can tell you that anything in miniature is automatically cute. I really loved these little cakes when I saw them on Martha Stewarts website. They look elegant in all white, but you could obviously do them in any color, with the help of some food coloring, sprinkles, etc.

These were cut from a larger sheet cake, then frosted using small piping tips. Genius!

Cake Pops + Cake Balls

These are both inventions of the fabulous, and super-talented Bakerella! She does amazing things with sugar… I think these red velvet cake balls look delicious, and who wouldn’t love to bite into one of these adorable chicks??? She makes cake pops in every shape and flavor you can imagine. You should head on over to her blog now!

I hope that this small list has your brain working on ideas for your next party. Check back for more tips and round-ups!