My Uncontrollable To-Do List + Free Printable List Form

Hello again! I know that I promised that the next free printable would be gift tags, but I have a problem… A growing to-do list that I can’t keep straight. Therefore, I have postponed the gift tags to give you a free printable list form, in my style, which is pretty minimalist, and black and white.

Let me give you the background on the inspiration for this list form…

On In Between Laundry, a cute blog, I found this free printable list with a story about Charles M. Schwab, the American steel magnate of yesteryear, and Ivy Lee, who helped his company, Bethlehem Steel, increase productivity. Mr. Lee basically had the idea to put 6 things that were most important to get done on your to do list for the day, with the most bothersome thing at the top, and whatever items you don’t finish on the first day of the week, you put on the next day’s list, etc… ( That is a very simplistic paraphrase by me!) Well, I tried this, and it works! And I really thought it might be nice to make lists in my own style(s) for you to print out… I have made 4 different styles to choose from, print as many as you like! If you would like a very cute, modern, and COLORFUL list form, head on over to In Between Laundry to download Erin’s version…

Click the photo of the version you’d like to download in pdf format below.

Free Printable List Form 1

Free Printable List Form 2

Free Printable List Form 3

Free Printable List Form 4




2011, a year to get organized?

I am in desparate need of organization. As a stay-at-home-mom of 3 I have to juggle a lot of appointments, extra-curriculars, playdates (sometimes) and also my husband’s work schedule, part-time teaching schedule, and NFL and college basketball sporting event schedule! Whew!

Anyway, I needed to be inspired and see some fresh new ways to organize, and I thought I’d post an Inspiration Board of what I had found:

Oranization 2011 Inspiration Board

#1) Wouldn’t these pretty vintage Ball jars be great for storing crafting supplies, etc?

#2) I need somewhere to organize the different types of paper I print on. Found this at IKEA.

#3) Love the “Shabby Chic” feel of this repurposed drawer mail organizer found on Etsy.

#4) I am a total freak about magnet boards and cork boards! This one is quite modern and happy looking, I think.

#5) Yet another way to organize paper. This one has such a great clean look with that snappy pattern!

#6) I have been wanting to buy a shelf just like this one for my littlest boy’s room. For his book collection, which is in need of cute organization!

#7) And last but certainly not least in our household anyway, is this very useful cord keeper. Who in this age of electronic entertainment devices doesn’t need these?!

Hope you have been inspired to purge the clutter in your house (or at least neatly tuck it away) to start the year fresh!