Pinterest Pretties #4 – Spring

Well, I have to apologize for the small selection today. I have had a hard time finding images that I can trace the source of. A lot of the good Spring inspiration pins lead to either a protected flickr stream or tumblr, which is quite hard to deal with. Hardly any sources! And all 3 of my kids are sick, so I don’t have much time today! So I hope that these are inspiring to you, and I apologize for the brevity! And let me clarify the whole Pinterest credits issue: When I post these, I post the source of the image (original) and the person on Pinterest who posted it when I saw it. Not the very first person who pinned it. Because I want to give credit to the person who brought it to my attention. Does that make sense? Is that wrong? What is your opinion? There is so much banter going on around the web about people giving proper credit. I just want to share beautiful things with my readers, but not spend hours on end even tracking the stylist of the photo as some suggest. If people want to know that, I provide the original source so they can check it out themselves…. Maybe I’m not picky enough….???

Pinterest Pretties #4 - Spring



1. Tutorial on Sisters of The Wild West via Erin Carney

2. Creative Spring flower arrangement on Martha Stewart via Emma Sole

3. Southern Living via Wendy Walker Cushing

4. Great cost effective Easter decoration from Notes from the Heartland via Andrea Hoinka

5. Sweet photograph from Titatoni via Renate Bretzke

6. A Spring-y decorating vignette from Nest Decorating via Erin Holland




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