Real Life Party – Rainbow Art Party

Well, since I am posting this on Tuesday, instead of Monday, as I thought I would, you can probably tell that the party threw me for a loop as far as housework goes, and now I’m getting back to normal! Yes, it took a lot of prep, setting up, tearing down, cake baking, cake frosting, etc. I was very tired after the party on Sunday! Anyway, leading around 15 8 year old girls in an arts and crafts party was a bit of an ordeal… I thought my daughter was the only one who was hyperactive, but most of the girls were, and so my plans of taking nice photos while they were doing their crafts flew right out the window, as I was cleaning and helping out constantly instead of taking pics. I did get some, just not as good as I had hoped.

However, the most important thing was that the girls had fun, and they sure did! Even though I forgot to bring:

1. The music

2. The Rainbow Punch ingredients (7 up & rainbow sherbet – my mom ran to the nearest drive through to get just plain 7 up instead 😦 )

And I got set up late, as the parents were walking in I was still madly setting up, 3o minutes is definitely not long enough to carry 5 boxes of supplies in and set up tables, chairs, and all of the decorations, so I will definitely reserve the room for a longer block of time next time!

Anyway, here are the photos, and also some freebie PDFs in case you want to throw your own rainbow party!

rainbow cake before

The rainbow cake, before I sliced it! All of the girls were saying, “what kind of cake is it?”


rainbow forks


custom number 8 water bottles

Not the best photo! Someone had moved a few of them before I had a chance to snap a pic, but you get the idea of the custom H20 labels…


Rainbow Candy Buffet

One of the things I was madly setting up as the parents were walking in! I didn’t have time to fix the ribbons & labels that had fallen off… :*(


painting party

This is the absolute calmest the girls ever were! They loved painting…


painting party 2

The colorwheel I made for the girls to reference, and my daughter’s “fruit in bowl” painting. Don’t you love it??? I do! 😀


bracelet making station

My daughter set this up. I should have come up with alternative containers for the beads. The labels on the boxes look so busy. 😦


painting party 2

Love the purple sky and pink clouds!!!


about the artist coloring sheets

The girls making their “About The Artist” self portrait sheets. Got this idea from One Charming Party… I also got the rainbow cake idea from them, but didn’t remember to get the cool, cut-away cake photo like they did on their website… 😦


rainbow cake sliced

One of the girls eating her rainbow cake! They loved it…. But it was quite hard to slice, being so tall!



And this is all that was left at the end:


rainbow cake crumbs


Well, I had hoped for more organization, and less chaos, but maybe you’ll have better skills than I at herding cats – I mean little girls. 😉


Here are the free printable Rainbow Art Party PDFs… 1 page of 2 invitations, 1 color wheel 1 page of party circles/ envelope seals / treat labels which are 2″ circles. And the party circles are fillable, meaning you can type right into the labels in Adobe Acrobat Reader and make your own labels. I have formatted to text to be American Typewriter Light, like you see on the invitation, so if you don’t have that font on your computer, your computer will substitute something automatically. Just click on the color wheel to open!



Free Rainbow Party Printables LInk




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