Inspiration Board #5 – Rainbow Themed Party

So I always plan my kids’ birthday parties months in advance. Everyone thinks I’m nuts, but if I don’t plan ahead, I can’t get it all finished in time. Life with three kids is hectic! So I kept seeing rainbow themed parties around the internet, and I was so inspired that I talked my daughter, who was about to turn 8 into a rainbow party. But not just rainbow. It had to be more – to get her interested – so I showed her this party over at One Charming Party, and the whole arts & crafts + rainbow = awesome party started to settle into her brain! We didn’t do the same art projects that they feature in their party, but we did use a few of their ideas. Like the 8 layer rainbow cake (8 layers for 8 years!) and the “about the artist” coloring sheets for the girls to do about themselves. We also had painting, but we had the girls paint on 8×10 inch canvases with acrylic paints, instead of watercolor. The only other craft I was brave enough to tackle was bracelet making. With rainbow colored beads of course!

I will post the photos of Emma’s actual party after we host it, on Monday. But I wanted to share some of the parties that inspired me to choose this theme.

Here is my inspiration board:

rainbow party inspiration board


1) Scene from the One Charming Party Art Gallery Party

2) These 4 photos were featured on Amy Atlas’s blog! The party details can be seen here on the Cake Ink blog.

3) Dessert table from the Rainbows & Unicorns Party over on Juicy Bits.

4) These 2 photos are from the Rainbow Party on Buggie and Jellybean.

5) Candy from the Rainbows & Racecars party featured on Kara’s Party Ideas from Glorious Treats.

6) Love the decorations at this Rainbows & Ruffles party from Hip Hooray.


Check back Monday to see photos from my daughter’s party. I really hope it goes off without a hitch! Maybe I’ll have some disaster photos to share! 😉




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